How does it work ?

SaaS technology

Our solutions aim to give users the agility and speed they need to put their retail strategies into practice, which is why the entire line of Sparkow products is available as SaaS.

Transparent integration with existing systems

Sparkow improves your existing retail systems by integrating with all the software on the market.

Data collection

Sparkow connects to all product and customer data sources: e-commerce platforms, CRM, ERP, PIM, DOM, WMS, social networks, web analytics...

Integrate with front office tools

Sparkow integrates easily with front office tools, optimising user experience without affecting response time. For example, integrate with an e-commerce platform by placing a simple tag, or by way of a REST API depending on your needs. The same is true for all the other retail channels that we support (email, call centers, sales tablets, instore kiosks…).

Personalised buying experience

Once a Sparkow solution has been supplied with data, functional users can create business rules that personalise the buying experience. Access to the application is via a simple web interface.

A continually improving buying experience

Sparkow collects data in order to analyse the behaviour of each prospective client. By refining the buying experience over time, Sparkow boosts your retail systems’ performance.